A Question??

Visiting the Creation Museum

Visiting the Creation Museum

My little 12 year old brother is visiting with my family this week. He went to Church Camp the week before.

Tonight he posed a question: “Anna, do you ever doubt your salvation?”
He is a very smart, polite, adorable, etc…. little boy. He knows a lot about the Bible. But I knew what he was really saying, “Anna, I don’t know if I am really saved.”
Wow, what a loaded statement. UUUUmmmm ok, let me go get my Bible (I John, right? Isn’t that where I can go to get evidences of a believer).
It was so difficult and here I am a Bible teacher to kids my brother’s age without words. I began giving the plan of salvation telling him the wretchedness of sin and how God hates sin. Then I talked about how God’s wrath was poured out on Jesus. But why, because Jesus was perfect? Right, He did that so we could turn away from our sin and believe on Him and then Jesus can be our righteousness.
Whao whao whao. Is he getting it does he understand?
This night was a grace of God that I could share such a thing so please pray that Joshua feels a peace and assurance if he saved and please pray that he tormented if he is not saved.
He is love, there is no one like Him, and makes the old new! May Joshua believe this truth this week!

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