Get your photo Christmas cards from shutterfly!

Christmas Photo cards was very new to me when I got married but so many people around me were giving us photo Christmas cards and suddenly David and I felt left out! We need to do a photo Christmas card next year! So 2008 was our first ever photo Christmas card.  We searched forever for just the right picture. The next year we didn’t have so much trouble picking out a picture because our sweet Titus was born right before Christmas.  I will say though the photo cards that we have looked to buy in the past have not been very creative.   I noticed in the past there were many that said, “Happy Holidays” but  I really wanted one that said, “Merry Christmas!”  Is that too much to ask?  I also really wanted the typical red and green colors but that too was rare in the photo cards I was looking to buy.  As I was browsing Shutterfly’s photo cards I was surprised to see sooooo many options and so many that fit the description I described above!  I can not wait to organize my family photo in one of these photo Christmas cards .

Hope you like what we send out this year!


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