Get your photo Christmas cards from shutterfly!

Christmas Photo cards was very new to me when I got married but so many people around me were giving us photo Christmas cards and suddenly David and I felt left out! We need to do a photo Christmas card next year! So 2008 was our first ever photo Christmas card.  We searched forever for just the right picture. The next year we didn’t have so much trouble picking out a picture because our sweet Titus was born right before Christmas.  I will say though the photo cards that we have looked to buy in the past have not been very creative.   I noticed in the past there were many that said, “Happy Holidays” but  I really wanted one that said, “Merry Christmas!”  Is that too much to ask?  I also really wanted the typical red and green colors but that too was rare in the photo cards I was looking to buy.  As I was browsing Shutterfly’s photo cards I was surprised to see sooooo many options and so many that fit the description I described above!  I can not wait to organize my family photo in one of these photo Christmas cards .

Hope you like what we send out this year!



It's positive! TWO LINES!!

It's positive! TWO LINES!!

He/She looks like a peanut!  I love it already even now!

He/She looks like a peanut! I love it already even now!

David and I found out another way God has been gracious to us on April 17, 2009!  We are going to have a baby!  We went to the Doctor for the first time today and found out that I am 7weeks and 1 day pregnant! We even got to see our little one’s heartbeat! It was such a tremendous blessing from the Lord! Please pray for the continued health of our baby. Here is our first ultra sound picture… Thanks for rejoicing with us!

Election Day

God is in control! We have nothing to fear!


David and I want to thank God for His grace in our lives!

David went in for his colonoscopy today because there had been blood in his stool.  Dr. Adler came out and gave me the news and said it was a internal Fissure that was causing the bleeding. I knew it! That was it. No big deal, until he kept on talking….. The Doctor said that they also found a pre-cancerous polyp.  The Doctor said he was able to remove it right there on the spot but for pre-cautionary measures David would need a colonoscopy every 3-5 years.  

God in his grace allowed us to get this procedure done because of the polyp not because of the bleeding! Praise Him for His infinate grace and mercy!

My Husband!

We have been busy busy busy lately and now life is slowing down.  Please pray that we will not get selfish during this time of slowness and pray that we would be given to ministry, prayer, and the Word.  We desire to be people used of God!

On another note, David is having a colonoscopy on the 17th of October. Please pray that the Doctors will find whatever is giving him trouble. 

We love you all!

First Days of School!

God is good. I started teaching on Wednesday and David starts going to classes on Monday of next week.  The first three days were really hard and long for me. God is so gracious to sustain me and hold me in His arms as I went through these days.  God continues to teach me that His strength is what I need to get through.  We got a new principal this year and he is great for our school! We need someone who will lead our school with confidence and strict standards.  With his standards the teachers have higher standards to meet.  Please pray that I do these things as unto Him and with His help!

I finally have posters on the wall!

         I finally have posters on the wall!  

                            I know the letters are crooked, I did it on purpose      
I know the letters are crooked I did it on purpose.
Conviction Poster - Every great oak started out as a couple of nuts who stood their ground.
The conviction poster – Every great oak started out
as a couple of nuts that stood their ground.
I hope to start focusing on missions more this year

I hope to start focusing on missions more this year

God provided so many suppies for me this year!

Amazing video….Send to your friends!

A Question??

Visiting the Creation Museum

Visiting the Creation Museum

My little 12 year old brother is visiting with my family this week. He went to Church Camp the week before.

Tonight he posed a question: “Anna, do you ever doubt your salvation?”
He is a very smart, polite, adorable, etc…. little boy. He knows a lot about the Bible. But I knew what he was really saying, “Anna, I don’t know if I am really saved.”
Wow, what a loaded statement. UUUUmmmm ok, let me go get my Bible (I John, right? Isn’t that where I can go to get evidences of a believer).
It was so difficult and here I am a Bible teacher to kids my brother’s age without words. I began giving the plan of salvation telling him the wretchedness of sin and how God hates sin. Then I talked about how God’s wrath was poured out on Jesus. But why, because Jesus was perfect? Right, He did that so we could turn away from our sin and believe on Him and then Jesus can be our righteousness.
Whao whao whao. Is he getting it does he understand?
This night was a grace of God that I could share such a thing so please pray that Joshua feels a peace and assurance if he saved and please pray that he tormented if he is not saved.
He is love, there is no one like Him, and makes the old new! May Joshua believe this truth this week!

Our Weekend!!

VBS was last week and it was a blast. We were tired but enjoyed getting to know the 3rd and 4th graders that came. The last night of VBS (Friday) we were wiped out so we went home and took a nap until David’s uncle came to visit at 12am. Saturday night he took us and our close friends Joe and Melissa to a Cincinnati Reds game! We got to the parking lot and started walking towards the stadium and a man asked if we wanted tickets and we told him we didn’t have cash and he said I’ll just give them to you! He gave us exactly 5!! So we paid only to park! (My Uncle Phil texted David earlier and said he was praying that David would be blessed and so when we got the tickets David said “thanks Uncle Phil”) Here is our ticket!

Go Reds!

My Friend Melissa and I waiting to go in the ball park

Joe and Melissa!

We love Uncle Dale!

In the bottom right there is a sign that has the number of homeruns Ken Griffey Jr. has hit. He has almost hit more than Sammy Sosa!

Ken Griffey Jr.!!

Snack Time!

Dale was sad because the Mets were losing!

David and Joe acting tough

Leaving the ball park!

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