Happy 4th of July!

We had a good fourth, we both worked in the morning then came home and went to the local festivities. It was pretty cool they had a mandolin orchestra on the porch of a historic house and inside they had a silent auction and flute quartet. The whole event reminded me of a small town gathering on a village green. Then David and I went to a matinee and came home to meet up with some friends for pizza. After dinner we walked down to the event again for some fireworks. They were pretty good. Nothing like Thunder over Louisville but they were good! Happy 4th!

Our friends, Danny and Stacey


Three weeks ago, we got to go home to visit family. The first Sunday we were there we celebrated Memaw Waters 85th birthday and then the next Sunday we celebrated Granddaddy Cecil’s 85th birthday! What a blessing to have grandparents, especially ones who know Him. Praise Him for the legacy He has given us!

We hope you all enjoy reading our blog. We don’t have super exciting lives but by the grace of God we have friends who would like to know what we are up to. Praise Him for His Grace!

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